Custom Duty on Whey Protein in India

Custom Duty on Whey Protein in India

Custom duty on whey protein in India: 53.4% Custom Duty on Whey Protein in India Import After GST.

Introduction: Whey Protein is a processed dairy product that contains high levels of protein. It is effective for weight loss, especially when combined with exercise.

Custom duty on whey protein in India post GST – The Indian government imposed tariffs on many food items after it implemented its Goods and Service Tax (GST) system back in July 2017. One such item was liquid milk products which have now seen their import duties increase by more than 50%. This change means that 53.40% will be charged instead of 27% previously being levied upon these goods entering India from abroad- this includes imported whey proteins coming into the country too!

Why it’s important – The increase in import taxes has been made to curb the trade deficit that India suffers from. This is a critical issue, with over $190 billion of imports coming into the country every year and only about half as much exported! With such an imbalance between imported goods and exports making up for those costs, a tax on many items as needed to ensure trading partners continue exporting their products to India- so these tariffs are now being applied on whey proteins too!

Conclusion: If you’re importing liquid milk products or whey protein from abroad, then be aware of this increased customs duty charge after GST came into effect from July 2017 onwards. It may seem like just another layer of bureaucracy, but it will also add more costs to the product before you’re able to consume it.

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