How Fat Burners Work with Ephedra

How Fat Burners Work 

The number of people with excess weight is increasing every year, and with it, the volume of sales of sports nutrition, which accelerates weight loss, is growing.

Manufacturers of sports food additives in their way solve the problem by producing products with more powerful compositions. For example, fat burners with ephedra, which we will talk about in this article.


What are the advantages of fat burners with ephedra?

What are the advantages of fat burners with ephedra

First, let’s figure out what ephedrine and ephedra are. Those who want to lose weight probably have heard these words more than once. And these are not synonyms but slightly different concepts.

Ephedrine is an artificially synthesized drug that is widely used in medicine. Although it belongs to alkaloids, the psychostimulating effect is close to amphetamines.

It has several medicinal properties but also has serious side effects. Uncontrolled use can lead to severe disorders in the body and even to death in some cases.

Ephedrine has one side effect, thanks to which it has become popular in bodybuilding. It’s about its ability to spin metabolism and accelerate fat burning.

While this drug was on the market, bodybuilders often used a scheme called ECA – a combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. This combination was considered one of the most effective for fat burning.

Almost all “working” fat burners of that time had three of these components. Fat burners with ephedrine without additives were also popular.

After a while, the United States banned this substance as a food additive, leaving it only for medical use. This was due to the increasing cases of abuse of the drug. And also because ephedrine is a raw material for the production of certain types of drugs.

After that, a wave of bans on ephedrine fat burners swept through other countries.

Manufacturers of sports nutrition began to look for a replacement for it. And so the ephedra appeared. It is made from plant raw materials and has most of the properties of the now-banned drug.

But ephedra extract does not contain alkaloids, so it is legal and is present in the composition of many fat burners that bring results.

It is worth noting that despite the properties of ephedrine, ephedra is an order of magnitude weaker than its older brother. This applies to both positive qualities and side effects (they are much milder) and contraindications.

Among the advantages of the extract, we note:

  1. Increases heat production (thermogenic), that is, slightly increases body temperature – by 1-2 ° C
  2. Thermogenic effect provokes acceleration of metabolism
  3. Suppresses appetite
  4. Exciting impact on the central nervous system (CNS)
  5. Increases physical performance
  6. It has a fat-burning effect

However, several scientific studies prove the low effectiveness of the substance with different use. But in conjunction with caffeine and aspirin, ephedra works as it should.


Composition of the additive

There are three types of fat burners based on ephedra extract:

  1. Ephedra as the main active ingredient (without caffeine and aspirin)

In addition to it, the additive contains other substances that affect the acceleration of weight loss. For example, synephrine, yohimbine, adaptogens, L-carnitine, vitamins, some trace elements, etc.

This species is considered the weakest option.

  1. In the composition of the extract enhanced with caffeine (or its analogues – for example, guarana)

It’s already a working supplement.

  1. Trying to repeat the combination with caffeine and aspirin.

And although the labels write “ECA”, hinting that this jar is the most powerful way to get rid of excess fat, those who understand, understand that this is an entirely different ECA. After all, instead of ephedrine, a weaker substance is used here.

However, a fat burner based on ephedra, caffeine and aspirin is still considered one of the most powerful effects.

More excellent only fat burner with ephedra and geranium. But because of the somewhat harsh side effects that geranium mainly gave, it was banned for sale in most countries.


Who is suitable for fat burners with ephedra

Sports nutritional supplements, where ephedra acts as the primary fat burner, are considered the most effective in their class. However, for high performance, you have to pay the same high probability of side effects.

Therefore, if you are a beginner or have never taken weight loss supplements, starting with more “soft” options is better.

This “trump card in the sleeve” will be helpful at an intermediate and advanced level of training when the body gets used to the classic fat burners, and the result from their reception will be minimal.


Contraindications to use

There are groups of people who are forbidden to take supplements containing ephedra for ethical or medical reasons.

First of all, these are pregnant women who have not yet reached the age of 18. The second large group is athletes who will undergo doping control.

The World Anti-Doping Committee (WADA) equated ephedrine and its modifications with the category of doping.

Therefore, athletes are forbidden to take fat burners with a similar composition. By the way, geraniums are also prohibited for use in Olympic sports.

The use of ephedra extract can provoke several side effects.

Therefore, the drug is not recommended to take:

  • People with hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • In diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • People who have insomnia and mental overexcitation
  • In glaucoma


Side effects

This food additive has a powerful effect on the human body. And its influence is both positive and negative.

Among the common side effects of the application are noted:

  1. Significant increase in pulse and strong heartbeat
  2. Hand tremor
  3. Anxiety increased nervous excitement
  4. Insomnia
  5. Headache and dizziness
  6. A sharp rise in blood pressure
  7. Profuse sweating and dehydration
  8. Hyperthermia (a substantial increase in body temperature)
  9. Nausea and vomiting



Fat burners with ephedra extract are considered among the most effective in this class of food additives. However, in addition to good performance, negative consequences from the application are not excluded.

The decision to accept them should be balanced and reasonable, considering the ratio of possible risks and the expected result.