How to Choose the Best Protein Powder for You

How to Choose the Best Protein Powder for You

Protein confidently ranks first in sales among all sports supplements.

The variety of products and the number of its manufacturers do not facilitate beginners and sometimes experienced athletes.

To help in this complex matter, we will tell you about better to give preference. And also, consider the rating of proteins by their varieties.


Briefly about the types of protein

Briefly about the types of protein

Determining the protein that will bring the best result is complicated. After all, even though its primary function is to replenish protein reserves, different types of this product work a little differently.

Let’s briefly analyze the differences of each:

Whey (concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate)

Refers to fast-acting. The rate of assimilation is from 15 to 40 minutes (if kneaded on water).

This type of protein is an ideal option for immediately after strength training to “close” the protein window.


This is the exact opposite of serum species.

It is called slow since the rate of assimilation lasts up to 5-6 hours. As a rule, it is taken at night to reduce the level of catabolism (the splitting of muscle tissue) that occurs in a dream.


It is made only from vegetable raw materials (soybeans, peas, wheat, rice). As a result, it has several apparent advantages (low price, suitable for vegetarians) and disadvantages (muscle gains are slightly less).

It consists of 3-6 species listed above. Thus, everyone is “included” in their own time. As a result, the level of amino acids in the blood remains at the required level for 3-5 hours.

As you can see, despite one unifying name, varieties of this product are used in different situations. Therefore, the one that could be called the best does not exist.

It is more correct to determine the top proteins separately for each of the types.


What is the rating based on?

If you go to ten different sites, you will see the top 10 proteins, which will be very different from each other.

As a rule, this happens because such ratings are made based on subjective opinions. Perhaps professional, but still personal.

But more important than that. Often sites that publish the top best proteins, these same sports nutritional supplements and sell.

Based on the goods that need to be sold, a list of additives is compiled.

As a result, even the Internet will not provide an unambiguous answer to which protein is the best. In this situation, the only way out is to look at the ratings for each group of protein supplements on several sites at once. And pay attention to the first 5-6 names in the ranking.

As a rule, this is a list of the same firms but posted on each site in its way.

For example, the famous 100% Whey Gold Standard whey protein from Optimum nutrition ratings often ranks first (quite reasonably) on one resource and the other 4th and even 5th.

In any case, there will always be top products leading in their category in the top five. But, well, where they stand is not so fundamental.

We have compiled our rating for you. It is a little unusual in that there are no usual serial numbers.

Each of the following supplements deserves attention. It remains only to choose the one that will like more according to specific parameters.

Correctly taking any of them (of course, not forgetting about competent training and nutrition), the result will not keep you waiting.


Top Whey Proteins

Whey proteins account for the most significant sales of any kind. They are the most popular and common. And this (indirectly) indicates their effectiveness in increasing muscle volumes and restoring the body after power loads.

So, the best whey protein and its rating:

  • 100% Whey Gold Standard from Optimum nutrition
  • Prostar 100% Whey Standard by Ultimate Nutrition
  • ISO 100 by Dymatize nutrition
  • Platinum Isolate Supreme by SAN
  • Platinum Hydro Whey by Optimum nutrition
  • Nectar by Syntrax


What to choose casein

Choosing a slow protein is much easier. After all, there are not as many offers for casein protein in the sports market as for whey protein.

Rating “Best Casein Protein”:

  • 100% Casein from Optimum nutrition
  • R1 Casein by Rule one
  • Casein Pro by Universal nutrition
  • ProStar Casein by Ultimate Nutrition
  • Micellar Creme by Syntrax


About Popular Herbal Protein Supplements

Passions around vegetable protein then subside, then flare up again with unprecedented force. He is then praised to Olympus, praising the properties, then overthrown from the podium.

Everyone argues about the effectiveness of taking plant proteins – from sports scientists and professional bodybuilders to beginners who first came to the gym.

However, it is quite a popular protein. And many visitors to gyms opt for the plant option.

Among the best plant species I would like to note:

  • 100% Soy Protein from Optimum nutrition
  • Soy Protein Isolate by NOW
  • 100% Plant by Optimum nutrition
  • Plant Protein by Scitec nutrition
  • Rawfusion by SAN


Best Complex Protein

Complex protein was created precisely to end the debate about the most work from this sports nutrition category.

In theory, everything was fine, but the practice of using complex products has shown that this category has several drawbacks.

He confidently occupied a specific niche in the world of protein supplements, but nothing more.

Best Multicomponent Protein:

  • Syntha-6 from BSN
  • Elite XT by Dymatize nutrition
  • Matrix 5.0 from Syntrax
  • Combat by MusclePharm
  • Protein Power by Biotech USA


And yet – what to choose.

Agree that even from the above list, it is difficult to make the top 10 best proteins. After all, each of its types solves its own, sometimes very narrowly focused tasks.

To narrow down your search, clearly define the purpose for which you will take this protein supplement.

Here’s a little application guide to making things easier:

  1. Whey

The main application is the rapid closure of protein windows (immediately after training and in the morning after waking up). Also suitable during the drying period.

  1. Slow casein

It is used at night during the period of work on the mass. Or during the day, during the period of work on the relief, to reduce hunger.

  1. Vegetable

More suitable for vegetarians to guarantee the daily rate of protein. Slightly inferior ineffectiveness in terms of mass muscle gain (compared to additives from animal raw materials).

  1. Multi-component

The primary application method is a substitute for food when there is no full opportunity to eat natural food. Therefore, it is mainly used when working on mass.



We hope that our list of protein products and a brief description of each type of protein will help determine the difficult choice.