How to Take Gainer and Creatine Together

How To Take Gainer And Creatine Together

Creatine and gainer are popular sports supplements. Both are used in bodybuilding primarily to gain muscle mass. But this does not mean that you have to choose between them. Only the mechanism of action differs.

Today we will tell you how to take gainer and creatine together to enhance the positive effect of supplements.


What is a gainer


Gainer is a complex food additive with high calorie content.

It is based on carbohydrates, both simple and complex. The second macronutrient is proteins, which make up from 20 to 40%. They account for 50 to 70% of the product. The fat content is small – 3-6%.

In addition, the gainer often contains vitamins, trace elements, complex amino acids and BCAA. As well as creatine, enzymes and enzymes to improve digestion.

The main purpose of the gainer is weight gain. Taking this supplement, along with the muscles grows and fat. That’s a minus of use, but not for everyone.

Gainer is recommended for thin people who are struggling to gain weight. Other body types should be approached with caution. Due to the high calorie content of the product, it is easy to exceed the rate of calories per day, which will lead to weight gain due to subcutaneous fat.


Briefly about creatine

Creatine is one of the main substances in the muscle cell, which gives energy for muscle work.

It enters the body with protein foods, mainly of animal origin.

Creatine is also synthesized in the body independently, in the liver and pancreas, with three amino acids – arginine, glycine and methionine.

With intense power loads, the needs for this substance increase. The body may not have time to produce it in the right quantities, and its concentrations are small in food. Therefore, in bodybuilding, creatine is used in the form of a food additive.

Among the positive properties of the additive we note:

  • A sharp increase in power indicators
  • Increased energy reserves in the muscle cell, and hence performance in training
  • Acceleration of muscle recovery in training (ultra-urgent recovery), as well as between strength training (long-term)

An increase in strength indicators and an increase in performance affect the amount of work done in training. Speeding up recovery also plays a role.

Thanks to these parameters, the growth of muscle mass occurs.


Effectiveness of joint reception

And now let’s talk about the defining moment in this story – the degree of absorption of creatine in the form of a food additive.

In the 90s, this substance began to be actively used in sports but was absorbed by the human body only by 30%.

Then the scheme of reception with the help of “loading” was popular. During this period, in order to feel the maximum effect, it was necessary to take an amount and take 20-25 grams of creatine monohydrate per day.

But even such low bioavailability gave a result in the growth of muscle mass and strength. Progress from the use was compared with anabolic steroids, only serious side effects from creatine were not found.

Trying to solve the problem of assimilation, different types and forms of substance were developed. But the easiest solution was the use of sugar.

It turned out that the joint intake of creatine and sugar (fast carbohydrates) increases the degree of absorption of the first by 2-3 times!

Taking sugars provokes a sharp release of insulin into the blood. And insulin is a hormone responsible for transporting nutrients to the muscle cell, including creatine.

And now, remember the composition of the gainer. Here, up to 70% is carbohydrates, most of which are simple carbohydrates.

Moreover, the gainer contains other nutrients that are necessary for muscles to increase volume. These are amino acids, vitamins, BCAA.

All of these facts and prompted the idea of taking a gainer with creatine together.


Supplementing together

Supplementing together

Indeed, the simultaneous use of these two supplements promises a number of advantages in the speed of gaining muscle mass and strength.

Consider how to drink creatine with a gainer together:

  1. Creatine powder form

Add one serving of creatine (3-5 grams) to the gainer, pour the required amount of liquid (water, milk) and stir thoroughly with a mixer.

  1. Creatine in tablet or capsule form

Just wash down the tablets with a portion of a cocktail from the gainer.

The time of use of supplements also matters.

The ideal option is within 30-40 minutes after the end of strength training, while the anabolic window is open.

In this case, the replenishment of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles is accelerated by 25-30%. A sharp release of insulin helps deliver plastic material to the muscles as quickly as possible. It also includes protein, amino acids, BCAA, vitamins and trace elements.

As a result, taking gainer and creatine immediately after exercise significantly accelerates muscle recovery and growth.

Another option for joint reception is in the morning, instead of breakfast.

Here, taking supplements will ensure a rapid supply of nutrients to the muscles, which is especially important after a long night of fasting, when catabolism (splitting of muscle tissue) prevails in the body.

Also, supplements are taken together in the morning as an alternative to one intake of solid food.


Which is better – creatine or gainer

Simultaneous intake of these two supplements creates a synergy effect, that is, they mutually increase the result from taking each other.

Almost every gainer in the composition has creatine. However, some companies have the content of the second only 1g per serving. And its standard dosage is 3-5 grams.

In this case, an additional portion of pure creatine is added to the cocktail.

Other supplement tips depend on body type and training goals.

Reception of the gainer is only a phase of mass recruitment or strength. During the period of classes on the relief, it is not used.

By body type, gainer is more suitable for ectomorphs. With caution used by mesomorphs and is categorically not suitable for endomorphs.

The spectrum of application of creatine is wider. It is suitable for all body types when training for the growth of muscle mass and strength. And even in the first period of training on the relief, the use of the supplement is permissible.

The only time period when creatine is not recommended to be taken is the last 3-4 weeks of drying work to exclude even the minimal possibility of fluid retention in the body.