How to Tighten The Skin on Your Hands

How To Tighten The Skin On Your Hands

Problem areas in the figure are almost every person. In women, this is usually the area of the abdomen, thighs or buttocks.

But another area is not too striking but makes itself felt with the advent of the warm season and the need to wear short sleeves. This is the triceps zone.

Today, we will talk about tightening the skin on the hands and giving the triceps the necessary tone.


Causes of flabbiness

Causes of flabbiness

Sagging hands in the triceps area are one of the main problem areas in the female sex.

To correct this drawback, you first need to determine the leading causes that provoke the sagging of the skin on the hands.

Among the most common:

  1. Sharp weight loss

For many girls, the words “weight loss” and “beauty” mean the same thing. That’s just a sharp weight loss that negatively affects not only the level of health.

Another unpleasant side effect is the skin sagging, which is especially noticeable in the abdomen (lower part) and on the hands (usually on the back surface, in the triceps area).

  1. Lack of regular physical activity

A fairly common reason is the lack of physical activity.

Hypodynamia (lack of activity), which is firmly settled in many people’s lives, leads to the fact that part of the muscles atrophies as unnecessary.

Such muscles include the triceps, which is practically not involved in everyday life. In addition, according to female physiology, excess fat deposits are stored just in this zone.

Together, this leads to flabbiness of the muscles and sagging of the skin.

  1. Age-related changes

This is an inevitable factor that overtakes everyone. Over time, hormonal changes in a woman’s body lead to increased fat synthesis. As a result, there is an accelerated accumulation of fat in the body, including the hands.

A comprehensive solution to the problem

A big mistake would be to try to solve how to tighten your hands, only with the help of one method or means.

After all, if the skin on the hands is sagging, this is often a problem that includes several reasons. So, its successful solution lies in an integrated approach.

This complex includes:

  1. Performing physical exercises for the triceps (especially) and biceps
  2. Reducing subcutaneous fat levels
  3. Physiological procedures that improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, etc.


About proper physical activity

About proper physical activity

The first step is regular strength exercises for arm lifts.

The power movements with additional weights most effectively affect the tone of the biceps and triceps.

Women often give up power loads in fear that their hands will become large and massive, like men.

This is a mistaken and long-outdated misconception. After all, the biceps and triceps muscles are among the smallest and weakest in the female body. They are weakly amenable to hypertrophy.

The only option when a girl can achieve impressive muscle volumes is the use of steroid drugs.

Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of here. Moreover, the drying mode (reducing subcutaneous fat) is characterized by training in a multi-repeat load mode (15-20 times or more in one approach) using light and medium weights.

Exercises for the hands of women need to be select mainly of a fundamental nature, that is, those that involve several joints and muscle groups.

This is especially true for the triceps. Basic exercises for the triceps muscle of the shoulder involve three muscle bundles at once – lateral, medial and long.

To understand how to pump up a girl’s hands quickly, you need to arm yourself with an arsenal of the most influential movements.

Exercises for the triceps:

  1. Push-ups from the floor with medium and narrow arm position

A lightweight option is push-ups from the bench or the knees.

A more straightforward option – in the simulator “Gravitron”, with the help of rubber loops or a training partner.

The emphasis on training, as mentioned above, is placed on the triceps.

The correct program for lifting sagging hands by 70% should consist of basic movements (push-ups from the floor, benches, on bars, presses with a narrow grip), and only 30% are isolating exercises on blocks, simulators or with light dumbbells (French presses, arm extensions with dumbbells and on blocks).

Focusing on “trivial” easy and pleasant isolating exercises in simulators or blocks significantly reduces the lesson’s effectiveness. Therefore, the visible result in tightening both the hands and the skin muscles is simply absent.

Recommendations for training are as follows:

  1. The general model of load on the triceps – 3-5 exercises per workout
  2. In each movement, there are 3-5 working approaches
  3. The average repetition range is 15-20 (sometimes more)
  4. Rest between sets is minimal – 30-45 seconds

Supersets, tri-sets, giant sets, and circuit training, are very effective in such a situation.

As for the biceps, everything is much simpler.

As a rule, the deposition of fat on the biceps occurs to a much lesser extent in women. Therefore, to bring it to muscle tone, 1-2 movements per training are enough.

For this purpose, standing or sitting, any bending of the arms with dumbbells or a barbell (for example, lifting dumbbells on the biceps) will do. The standard load in these exercises is 3-4 working approaches of 15-20 times.


Weight loss rate and fat-burning diet

Before you go on a diet for weight loss, you need to understand the optimal rate of weight loss.

According to the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization), the best rate of weight loss for women is 500-700 grams per week. Accordingly, 2-3 kg is obtained per month.

At this rate of weight loss, the body has time to adapt to changes without side effects.

The process should be systematic and manageable. Only in this case, it will be possible to avoid unwanted sagging of the skin and the appearance of stretch marks.

In addition, fat deposits in the hands stubbornly do not want to leave. After all, this is one of the “pantries” of fat reserves. Other most characteristic areas are the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

With an excess of calories, excess energy is deposited in the form of fat in the first place in these zones.

Such places lose weight in the last place. This is a feature of physiology.

If you adhere to a fat-burning diet, and the results in the hands are not visible, do not despair. General weight loss means that the process is started, and the turn of the hands will soon come.

By the way, accelerating local fat burning in the hands will help strength training of the triceps and biceps, which we described above.


Massages, creams and other treatments

This is the easiest part of the fight against the sagging skin of the hands, which is the most common.

In the arsenal of anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massages, Charcot shower, SPA procedures with hand wraps, creams that contain exotic plants and minerals.

But unfortunately, these procedures without regular strength training and a calorie deficit diet have deficient performance. And many even consider all this to be a deception of consumers.

We will not go into a debate about whether creams and ointments help to increase skin elasticity and tighten sagging hands.

Perhaps there is a positive effect from the above. But it is not enough to solve the problem to the end.

Apply cosmetic procedures and products as additional to the main – regular power loads and a steady decrease in the level of subcutaneous fat.



Now you have a comprehensive solution to the problem, and this is the first step to success. With its help, the appearance of the hands will improve after a few months of nonstop action.