Protein Vs Creatine | Can I Take It Together

Protein Vs Creatine

Protein and creatine are supplements that enjoy well-deserved popularity not only in bodybuilding but also in other sports. The first helps to accelerate the set of muscle mass, and the second significantly increases strength indicators.

Protein and creatine are possible and need to be taken together because this is the perfect combination for bodybuilders.

Today we will tell you how to do it correctly to achieve the desired results in bodybuilding.


Briefly about protein

Protein, alk protein, is a macronutrient that should enter the body daily with food. And in large enough quantities.

Almost all metabolic processes within a person occur with the participation of the structural elements of protein – amino acids, from the production of immune bodies to the synthesis of their anabolic hormones.

From the point of view of bodybuilding, protein is precious for the growth of muscle volumes. For a person who is not engaged in daily physical labour, its consumption rate is 1 gram per 1 kg of his body weight.

With regular strength training, the need for protein increases to 2 grams.

If it is impossible to gain a daily rate due to only natural products in power sports, the intake of particular protein concentrates is practised.


A few words about creatine

Creatine is an energy substrate that enters the body with food (mainly protein). It can also be independently synthesized in the human body (in the liver and pancreas) from three amino acids – arginine, methionine and glycine.

This substance is responsible for the high level of energy in the muscle cell.

Without going into biochemical details, we can say that the greater the supply of creatine in the muscles, the higher the strength and endurance of these muscles.

After taking it in the form of a dietary supplement, the productivity of strength training increases and the working weights in all exercises, there is also a growing number of repetitions in the approach.

Increased power stress entails an acceleration of muscle synthesis, that is, growth rates.


Rules of joint intake of supplements

From the description of these substances, whether it is possible to drink creatine with protein simultaneously becomes more apparent.

Their combination is ideal for the growth of muscle mass and strength. This fact is confirmed by both sports scientists and the experience of the bodybuilders themselves.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how to take protein with creatine.

If you don’t want to bother too much, mix one serving of each supplement.

The fact is that creatine is a reasonably neutral substance that is “friends” with almost all sports nutrition.

However, there is information that the absorption of creatine decreases against the background of taking caffeinated products. But this fact does not prevent manufacturers of sports nutrition from combining it with caffeine in one product. Especially a lot of such combinations in pre-training supplements.

Despite the theoretical experiments of scientists, in practice, creatine is absorbed even against the background of large doses of caffeine. And the high efficiency of the use of pre-training is proof of this.

As for combinations with protein, amino acids or gainer, theoretical scientists and bodybuilders-practitioners are one. Such combinations give good results in terms of gaining muscle mass and strength.

Carefully reading the compositions of various sports supplements, you will be surprised to find how widely creatine is used. Almost all gainers contain it in their design.

Many amino acid supplements are also supplemented with a portion of creatine. Especially effective is the combination with BCAA.

Not spared the boom in this substance and protein. True, there are not so many such options for sports nutrition.

Of course, there are situations when you have to take supplements separately. For example, creatine before strength training and protein – immediately after. It all depends on the goal.

If we are talking about a set of muscle masses, try the following combinations:

  • Before training (60 minutes)
  • After training

Mix 3-5 g of creatine and a portion of protein (30-40 g).

If the protein is low in carbohydrates, add something sweet to the cocktail – sugar, honey, etc., for better absorption of creatine (there is a jump in insulin in the blood).

It is better to dilute the drink on juice or milk for a reason mentioned above. If the liquid is sweet enough on its own, sugar or honey may not be added.

When every extra calorie matters during dryings, it is better to drink a cocktail in the water.

Suppose the training is carried out before bedtime, then taking creatine after does not make sense. Excess energy at this time is not needed. Limit yourself to protein.


Side effects and contraindications

Both additives are pretty safe for human health, even if twice the consumption rates recommended by manufacturers. Not to mention the use according to the instructions.

However, there are several situations when these products should be used extremely carefully.

First of all, these are congenital or acquired diseases of the liver and kidneys.

If these organs are weakened by the disease, taking even medium doses of protein can unnecessarily load the liver. And creatine passes through the kidneys. And if they have questions about health, taking this substance can cause exacerbation.

In such problems, it is better to consult a doctor about the application to avoid possible negative consequences.