What is L-carnitine | Which is Better to Choose

What is L-carnitine

L-carnitine is a popular food supplement joint in bodybuilding. The nationwide love for it is explained by the affordable price and ease of use.

What points to pay attention to when buying such a supplement as L-carnitine, and what kind of it is better suited for specific purposes, you will learn from this article.


What is L-carnitine


L-carnitine (Carnitine) is a natural vitamin-like substance that is similar in its properties to B vitamins.

Carnitine is synthesized and accumulates in the body (about 98% is contained in the muscles).

Performs several essential functions:

  1. Transports fatty acids to muscle cells (which helps use fat as energy during exercise)
  2. Takes an active part in the regulation of metabolism
  3. Participates in detoxification processes
  4. It is believed that L-carnitine helps build muscle mass, but there is no exact scientific data on this matter yet.
  5. Participates in spermatogenesis (therefore, it is widely used in the treatment of male infertility)


Types and forms of release of L-carnitine

Due to its medicinal properties, Carnitine is used in medicine. For example, in the form of medications Levocarnitine and Carnitine chloride.

They are intended for intramuscular or intravenous administration (injections and droppers), so they are not suitable for ordinary visitors to gyms.

For the field of fitness and bodybuilding, affordable and easy-to-use forms have been developed.

The most common of them are:

  1. L-carnitine tartrate
  2. Acetyl L-carnitine
  3. L-carnitine

It is believed that this is the best L-carnitine for people leading an active lifestyle.

According to the form of release distinguish:

  1. Powder
  2. Pills
  3. Capsules
  4. Effervescent tablets
  5. Ready drinks

In their effect, they are all approximately the same. Each has pros and cons, but by and large, the difference is only in the speed of assimilation and price and ease of use.

Therefore, the question of how to choose L-carnitine is not so difficult. Everyone will find a suitable form of use of the supplement.


Rating of L-carnitine. Which one to choose

Now that we’ve figured out the shapes and species let’s determine the best L-carnitine.

At first glance, this is an impossible task since each Internet resource has its rating of L-carnitine, the results of which are very different from each other.

Often, such sites themselves sell sports food supplements and make a subjective rating based on financial interests from the product they have in stock.

But neither the form of release nor the type of Carnitine is the determining factor.

There are three options to choose from:

  1. Carnitine branded American firms

Among them are ON, Universal, SAN, and BSN. These are world leaders in the production of food additives. The quality of any product is at the highest level.

By purchasing any kind and form of Carnitine, you can be sure that it will work.

True, the price is much higher than that of other firms, but you have to overpay for guaranteed quality.

  1. “Golden Mean”

This is the optimal ratio of price and quality. Of the American manufacturers – Dymatize, among the European – BioTech USA, Scitec, Olimp Labs. Acceptable quality for a reasonable price.

  1. Budget option

Here the prices are pleasing, but it is better to keep silent about the quality. Usually, these are sports nutrition companies from the post-Soviet expanses – Vansiton, Fortogen, IronMan.


Features of reception: dosage, scheme, duration

Features of reception dosage, scheme, duration

The action of L-carnitine is well studied in medicine. There are clear recommendations for the use of the drug because people’s health depends on it.

As for fitness and bodybuilding, there is a complete mess. The fact is that different groups of scientists hold opposite opinions about whether healthy people should take Carnitine.

Some argue that it is useless for athletes, others – that it is vital. And such contradictory information in everything that concerns the use of L-carnitine in sports.

Nevertheless, working regimens and dosages were determined empirically:

  1. Dosage of L-carnitine for women – 500-1500 mg per day, for men 2000-3000 mg

Although some manufacturers recommend taking 5,000-6,000 mg, for most, it is too much. Such dosages are suitable only for professional bodybuilders with a large muscle mass.

  1. It is better to take the supplement on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals for better absorption.

If you have a sensitive stomach, the option after a meal will also work. The effect is a little more negligible but still present.

  1. The daily rate is better to divide into 2-3 times.

If you have a workout, then one appointment is required 30 minutes before the class.

  1. Reception in the morning

L-carnitine is desirable to take in the morning or afternoon, as on some it acts excitingly. Such people may have difficulty falling asleep.

  1. Duration of use – 4 weeks

Since Carnitine quickly accumulates in muscle tissues, and all excess is excreted from the body, there is no point in a longer course.


Effectiveness and possible adverse reactions

Most people take Carnitine for weight loss. Advertising L-carnitine as a “powerful and effective” fat burner in the media space is enough.

But in fact, it has only a mild lipotropic effect.

In other words:

Carnitine helps the body use fats as an energy source, but only under favourable conditions.

These conditions are known to all – a strict diet for weight loss and regular exercise.

One of the functions of the supplement is to transport fats to muscle cells, but this will not make any sense if a physical activity does not follow after taking it. Fats will not be spent on anything.

It can be more than just strength training. Add cardio or another aerobic exercise: swimming, walking, playing football and so on. Only in such a situation, L-carnitine will help accelerate fat burning.

If you do not follow a diet and play sports, the money will be thrown into the wind.

As for side effects, Carnitine is safe in the recommended dosages. All because of its identity with the human-produced protein.

Even exceeding the norm several times does not lead to severe consequences. Possible except that allergic reaction due to individual intolerance.



L-carnitine has fans, and some claim that this supplement is useless.

Hope only that it will work independently, bringing the desired result, is not worth it. To have an effect, you will have to work. You will feel positive changes only in tandem with physical activity and proper nutrition.

Everyone can choose a suitable variety of this food additive based on the ease of use and reasonable price.